Green Recorder – A Simple Desktop Recording Tool for Linux Systems

Green Recorder is a functional desktop screen recorder for Linux systems that was built using GTK+ 3, FFmpeg, and Python. It support video and audio recording on almost all Linux interfaces and Wayland support (GNOME session) will be added soon. The supported video and audio formats are: mkv, avi, mp4, wmv and nut. You can

To Distro or Not to Distro? Things to Consider

Have you ever thought of starting your own Linux distribution? Perhaps you’ve spotted a need in the Linux ecosystem, or perhaps you feel as if the years of tweaks and customizations you’ve put into your personal OS installation would be ideal for others. Whatever the reason, you have a distribution or an idea for a

The 12 Lords of the Programming World

We often take the contributions people have made to making our lives easier for granted and the Universe seems to have a way of rewarding those who entertain us more than those who help us. But it’s all good, because here at FossMint , we know how to pay homage to those who have led

Ubuntu 17.04 – My First Experience and Customization

Canonical made the Zesty Zepus publicly available some time last year. Since then the major released changes came only to the alpha flavors. Even though I don’t pay much attention to alpha and beta releases I enjoy keeping myself abreast of Canonical’s moves. I have the Xenial Xerus, the Yakkety Yak, and the Zesty Zepus

An Alternative App Installer for Ubuntu: GDebi Package Installer

One useful feature of the Open Source Community is the availability of alternatives to various famous apps, especially for free. Be that as it may, not all freeware are created equal. Some come with extra features, others with just the features you need. Some are buggy in their performance, and others are as stable as

Flat-Plat is The Best Material Design Theme for Linux

These days many modern themes and icon sets are drawing inspiration from Google’s Material Design (and ultimately from Minimal Design), with the intention of providing users with an optimally designed User Experience. One would assume that the prevalence of this design trend will make it difficult to pick a theme but the opposite has been the case for

How to Decorate Your Ubuntu Desktop Using “Conky” Tool

Conky is a utility tool that can monitor your computer to display system information on your desktop. It has access to all your computer processes including CPU usage, battery status, disk space, temperature, calendars, email notifications, networks, upload & download speeds, system messages, and weather. When it comes to customization, Conky is a boss. With a combination of

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