Introducing The Open-Source KDE Plasma Mobile

The Ubuntu phone might not be interested in releasing any versions yet (for all we know) but other companies sure are kin on bringing a full-fledged Linux experience to the smartphone market and the chief contender is KDE Plasma Mobile . KDE (with its GUI named Plasma), is known to be among the most popular

WunderlistUX is The Wunderlist App for Linux

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that is getting more popular with time within the Linux community. Dubbed “the easiest way to get stuff done”, the app has a smooth UI dedicated to helping its users keep a checked list various types of lists, project plans, and notes, among others. The To-Do app has been

Soundnode is the Perfect SoundCloud Desktop Client for Linux

I use SoundCloud to discover and follow new artists and music projects because the online music platform is an ideal place for that. But I can’t deny that being restricted to using the service from my browser because I don’t fancy having the mobile app on my phone sucks. I personally don’t know the reason

Microsoft’s SQL Server Public Preview is Available for Linux

Microsoft’s recently announced public review of SQL Server is now available on Ubuntu and it is with special thanks to the blossoming love the Redmond giant has for Linux as Canonical’s technical lead for Microsoft, Dustin Kirkland, said, “Microsoft and Canonical continue to build bridges between the Windows world and the Linux world. SQL Server on

Poll: Will You Install MS SQL Server Public Preview on Linux?

Microsoft’s SQL server is one of the most secure, industry-leading, highest-performing databases in the game right now and with it, developers are at liberty to use a variety of languages to build different modern applications which they can then deploy onto any platform of choice, including Linux, MacOS, Windows, Docker, and the cloud. Now that Microsoft

Download of the Day: Fedora 25 Released

The Red Hat sponsored community Fedora Project just dropped their latest version, Fedora 25, containing the latest GNOME desktop environment, version 3.22, and a new media writer which makes installing the OS via USB quicker. MP3 playback and an improved Flatpak support have been included in the repository. This new Fedora 25 release comes with a plugin

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