Today, the Linux Mint team announced the release of the long awaited “Sarah” KDE edition of the elegant and user-friendly, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. Being a LTS(Long Term Support) release, Linux Mint 18 will receive packages’ and security updates until 2021.

The main components of Linux Mint 18 KDE Edition are:

  • Linux kernel 4.4
  • Ubuntu 16.04 package base
  • KDE Plasma 5.6 desktop environment
  • SDDM

Furthermore, below are a number of the new features and improvements in Linux Mint 18 KDE:

  • several improvements were made in the update manager
  • system improvements to new APT utility
  • importantly, the add-apt-repository command now supports --remove option to enable users to remove PPAs
  • artwork improvements
  • additional improvements to HiDPI
  • Firefox and multiple apps such as minitdesktop, mintsystem, mintwelcome and many others were migrated to GTK3

To find out more about Linux Mint 18 KDE edition, you can read through the release notes , it contains the some important links to the new features, download mirrors and user guide. Additionally, it also stresses out more about release announcements plus includes some vital information about new backport components in repositories, AMD catalyst(fglrx) drivers, UEFI support and known issues.

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