WunderlistUX is The Wunderlist App for Linux

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that is getting more popular with time within the Linux community. Dubbed “the easiest way to get stuff done”, the app has a smooth UI dedicated to helping its users keep a checked list various types of lists, project plans, and notes, among others. The To-Do app has been

Writefull – A Powerful Tool That Will Help You to Write More Confidently

Writefull aims to greatly improve your writing by comparing your text against its language database for chunks of phrases that it can compare with yours (and in some cases, complete yours with) to give you Grammar tips, synonyms, and context guides. It can even tell you how often the phrases you typed are found in its language

Why Microsoft Won’t Use the Linux Kernel for Windows

There are a number of reasons why Microsoft won’t use the Linux kernel for Windows. For one there is a huge difference in the technical aspects of the Linux Kernel and the NT kernel. Another reason would be the issues of licensing involved if Microsoft has to switch over to using the Linux kernel for

Which OS Crashes Less Often: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows?

In the world of technology, there is hardly “one best suited” operating system that works just fine for everyone. A large business corporation might choose to stick with Windows 7 despite it’s often sluggish nature in comparison to other operating systems. This might be because of it’s software compatibility component and user friendly nature in

Where Will You Find the World’s Fastest Linux Supercomputer?

TOP500 provides two yearly rankings using the Linpack benchmark. It ranks computer systems based on their ability to solve linear equations and only supercomputers that can actually solve them make it to the list. Contrary to what a lot of people would think. The world’s most powerful super computer is not in some ultra high

What’s New in Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) – Overview

Ubuntu 17.04, code named Zesty Zapus, is the future release that will succeed Ubuntu 16.10 and even though it’s End of life date has been scheduled for January 2018, the development team aims to bring a lot of upgrades, fixes, and additions in this release. Its final release has been scheduled for the  13th of

What is the Future of Raspberry Pi After More Than Ten Million Sales

With up to ten million sales in just four and a half years, this tiny computer has probably become the most prominent computer ever manufactured in Britain. A project that was initially intended to attract young students into the world of computer science, has surprisingly grown into some unexpected magnitude, now being used by both

What is the Difference Between Unix and Linux?

How does the statement “Linux exists thanks to Unix” make you feel? Are you confused because you hear Linux users praise Linus Torvalds for his achievement with Linux every now and then but never for Unix? Your confusion will end today because today we will be explaining what exactly Unix is and how it differs from the more famous Operating System, Linux.

Ubuntu 17.04 – My First Experience and Customization

Canonical made the Zesty Zepus publicly available some time last year. Since then the major released changes came only to the alpha flavors. Even though I don’t pay much attention to alpha and beta releases I enjoy keeping myself abreast of Canonical’s moves. I have the Xenial Xerus, the Yakkety Yak, and the Zesty Zepus

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