There are good number of VoIP applications in the market today but the one that does an excellent job at competing with (and out-featuring) Skype is  Wire .

An open-source cross-platform security and design-focused application for easy and modern communication.

Wire was launched in 2014 for AndroidiOS, and desktop and maintained in Switzerland by a team of engineers who have premium working experience in major firms including NokiaApple, and Microsoft.

The VoIP app is financially supported by a group of designers, engineers and executives from a funding group, Iconical. Even though the group has refused to let us in on how many active users they have,  data from Google Play  shows that Wire been downloaded between 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 times for Android alone.

Wire is Feature-Rich

Following are some notable features of Wire app:

Smooth Voice and video calls

Wire delivers an  excellent video and audio quality  and is able to work with network latency to maintain good quality calls.

Wire Audio and Video Calls

Handy Username Feature

The username feature works just like that of twitter and it is handy for group chats. With this feature, people can neither search you by your email nor is your email visible to your contacts. Phone numbers have always been invisible.

Wire Username

Audio Filters for Voice Messages

That’s right! You can record voice messages and easily add audio effects to them all in the spirit of conversation enthusiasm.

Wire Voice Messages

HD Group Calls with Stereo Feature

Wire will make the best use of your camera and speakers to provide you with the best picture and voice quality.

Wire Video Calls

Share Text and Photos While On a Call

A feature every modern VoIP app should have. Trust Wire to deliver excellently.

Wire Share Photos

GIF Support

Want to squeeze your words in a quick animation? Play around with the available tons of high-quality Gifs.

Wire Gif Support

Ad-free. No Tracking

Communication with Wire is always simple, secure (because it is encrypted end-to-end), and  private . Wire does not track your data for collection or sharing in any way.

  Linphone: An Open Source VoIP (SIP) App for Linux

Open Source

The trend these days is that if it’s open-source it’s also cross-platform. Wire manages to maintain the major aspects of its UI/UX consistent across the various platforms it supports.

Below is a feature comparison table between Wire and other competing apps. Wire takes the medal with ease.

Wire vs Other Apps – Comparison

Download and Install Wire on Linux

  • Deb Packages32-bit  /  64-bit
  • App Image  32-bit  /  64-bit
  • Source Code

There you have it guys. We recently took a  poll  to know how many of us dedicatedly use the Skype for Linux app. Wire is an excellent alternative. All its features are high-end. Or, don’t you think so?

Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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