ICEcode is a browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that can be used for both online and offline development while allowing for an easy integration with actual web servers like WAMP and XAMPP.

It comes with a lot of customizable options thanks to the familiar web technology it is built in, and it can even be used as a desktop code editor on Linux, Mac, and Windows with any modern browser including Chromium, Safari, Firefox, and Edge as long as PHP 5.0+ is installed.


Features in ICEcoder

ICEcoder offers all the features a typical IDE offers and it is a long list including:

  • Code folding
  • Bracket Matching
  • FTP or local/remote file editing & management
  • Tag wrappers
  • Linux terminal plugin
  • Live editing
  • File uploader, plus supports multiple files
  • DOM element highlighting with the Pestcide plugin
  • Account login to help keep online files secure
  • Restrict files, ban files and restrict by IP
  • Multi-user, dev and demo modes
  • Support for over 60 languages

You can go here to see the long list of ICEcoder’s many features.

What’s New in ICEcoder 5.7?

Apart from the performance improvements and bug fixes that came in this latest version, the major changes include:

  • An Improved code difference checker – You can compare multiple files to see their differences highlighted.
  • Restore old backups to new version – Users can now restore old backed up files to sync with
  • Tag syncing – Editing tags at specific spots will effect the change globally.
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Pricing and Download

ICEcoder is not free but you can test it for 14 days after which the trial will expire and you will need to purchase an unlock code for $10 to continue using it.

Try ICEcoder Demo

The unlock code will be valid for the present release and all its minor releases. In this case, the major release is v5 and the minor, v5.6, v5.7 etc.

If you don’t think you want to dish out cash for the present version you can use any of the IDE’s previous versions on the  downloads page free of charge. To purchase it the price listing and purchase options on their pricing page.

Have you use ICEcoder before? Do you think the app is worth your money? Share your thoughtswith us below.

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