The Debian Project is one of most renowned Linux projects around and the team responsible for the development and maintenance of Linux-based Debian operating system has recently made an announcement stating that it is changing its data traffic route.

In an announcement posted by the project, it started that all Debian services and repositories will be made available through the Tor Network.

This is a means to provide both security and anonymity to Debian Linux users. Tor is one of most rigid and secure network routing platforms around. It directs traffic using a free, worldwide volunteer network comprising of over seven thousand relays to hide user identity and point of usage from all prying eyes.

“While onion services can be used to conceal the network location of the machine providing the service, this is not the goal here. Instead, we employ onion services because they provide end-to-end integrity and confidentiality, and they authenticate the onion service end point,” stated Debian Project member Peter Palfrader in a blog post.

There are very few networks that match Tor’s protective cloak , the network has been continuously praised for providing impenetrable protection over highly encrypted connections that helps user’s privacy over the web.

“As a community, we acknowledge that users should not feel that their every action is trackable or observable by others,” continued Peter on his post.

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The Debian Project has put in motion plans to bring more of its services to users using the. onion address associated with the Tor network in the future. At the moment, though, Debian Security and Debian FTP archives are all available via the .onion address.

When done installing the apt-transport-tor package, the tor-enabled mirrors will replace those currently available in the apt configuration file.

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