The Next OTA For Ubuntu Touch Will Change Libertine Scope to Desktop Apps

With all supported devices already rocking the OTA-12 Ubuntu Touch update which rolled out a few days ago, Canonical engineers responsible for the Linux-based mobile operating system are already shifting their focus on the next OTA build dubbed OTA-13. The next build will surely bring in a huge chunk of new and innovative features as

Debian And TOR Services Now Available Using “Invisible” .Onion Address

The Debian Project is one of most renowned Linux projects around and the team responsible for the development and maintenance of Linux-based Debian operating system has recently made an announcement stating that it is changing its data traffic route. In an announcement posted by the project, it started that all Debian services and repositories will

Emmabuntus – A Linux Distro Built Specifically For Old Computers

Emmabuntus is a lightweight and beginner-friendly GNU/Linux distro that has been built to work specifically on old computers intended for reuse. It is based on the popular Xubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support). There are two main reasons for its development – the first is to help power old machines meant for humanitarian

What is the Future of Raspberry Pi After More Than Ten Million Sales

With up to ten million sales in just four and a half years, this tiny computer has probably become the most prominent computer ever manufactured in Britain. A project that was initially intended to attract young students into the world of computer science, has surprisingly grown into some unexpected magnitude, now being used by both

The New Features Expected In DNF-2, Currently In Development

DNF(Dandified YUM) is a relatively new package manager for Fedora , a community-supported Linux distribution. Referred to as the next generation YUM package manager, DNF was introduced in Fedora 18 and has ever since been the default package manager for this popular distribution. The last version of DNF-1 will be DNF-1.1.10 and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE-0.1.21 as announced

Linux Mint 18 KDE Edition has been released

Today, the Linux Mint team announced the release of the long awaited “Sarah” KDE edition of the elegant and user-friendly, Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. Being a LTS(Long Term Support) release, Linux Mint 18 will receive packages’ and security updates until 2021. The main components of Linux Mint 18 KDE Edition are: Linux kernel 4.4 Ubuntu 16.04

Cub Linux – a mix of Chromium and Ubuntu Linux

Cub Linux(Cub comes from Chromium + Ubuntu) is a unique and elegant result of a combination of the finest properties of Chromium browser and popular Ubuntu Linux . It is a simple yet powerful, web-focused Linux distribution with modern features and components such as fast speeds, Google integration, web applications and many more from Chromium

Peppermint OS – A Cloud-Centric Linux OS Based on Lubuntu

Recently, I was on distro hunt for my old rig and happened to come across Peppermint OS. I installed it on the test partition of my PC and was I impressed? Is it Unique? Peppermint OS is for today. There has been a huge growth in cloud computing and We all know how Chrome OS

Elementary OS Loki – A Ubuntu-based Distro for Windows and MacOS Users

Ubuntu Community always has something for everybody. Maybe that’s the reason why it is what it is today. Unity, Gnome, Lxde, KDE, Mate, Xfce are all provided officially for people to use directly without the need for further modifications. But there had come a completely revamped Ubuntu-based distro which had stunned everyone with its beauty

Adobe Returns to Linux with the New NPAPI Flash Player After 4 Years

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the Adobe Flash Player for desktop Linux recently. PPAPI, NPAPI, just security updates, limited functionality, vegetable salad. Woah. Let’s take it slow shall we? What is Adobe Flash Player? Quote Wikipedia, Adobe Flash Player (labeled Shockwave Flash in Internet Explorer and Firefox is freeware software for using

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